Your tour can start with a walk along the old city walls, over 4 kilometers of panoramic walkway overlooking the city of Lucca. You will see secret passages, corners, playgrounds and recreation area hidden beneath the leafy shade of secular trees equipped with tables perfect for a picnic.

As you cross the walls into the city, you enter the heart of the town Lucca (city of one hundred churches). Here is the large number of religious buildings which represent marvellous examples of architectural Italian styles.

Since you’ll hardly be able to visit them all in just one day, we suggest you focus on the cathedral of St.Martin (il Duomo). Il duomo its located in the square of the same name, just pass through the wall closest to the train station, is home to some of the most beautiful art masterpieces, such as Ilaria del Carretto’s Tomb by Jacopo della Quercia and the Volto Santo (a wooden crucifix of the Holy Face, ancient symbol of the city),from San Frediano Basilica (where the procession of the Holy Cross Celebrations departs).

Very near is the most famous street of Lucca, called Il Fillungo, if you’re in the mood for shopping, you’ll find all the most important and prestigious stores and shops in the city. From Fillungo a nice walk will lead you to the discovery of most charming spots and places you can’t absolutely miss, including Piazza dell’Anfiteatro or the Amphitheatre Square. As you stand in the centar of this oval square, you can see the buildings were built around the original elliptical structure typical of Roman amphitheatres. Today,many local restaurants and shops look onto the square where, especially during Summer,events and concerts usually take place.

Your tour can continue walking toward the famous Torre Guinigi, the one you’ll have noticed for the trees at the very top. If you don’t have enough time this one day, you might not climb to the top of the tower but it is an interesting sight to see – the roof garden. This is a popular attraction in the town- the roof garden (created when the Guinigi family sought to create a garden as symbol of the town rebirth under their control), it’s an interesting sight to see.

A short break in Piazza Grande ( Piazza Napoleone ) – before leaving the center could be a nice idea. Its name comes from the modernization works that Elisa Bonaparte ordered to pay homage to her brother Napoleon. If you like museum, we strongly recommend you visit the National Art Gallery situated in Palazzo Mansi from 17C, where you’ll find many Italian artists works, especially from the Renaissance period.

Rent a bike and biking around the town along its 16th century walls offers views like no other or sitting in one of the wine bar in the square and enjoy a glass of good wine would be a great idea. Going to the museum and admire to works of Italian Renaissance artists or you can to be in Fillungo street and enjoy in shopping…

Whatever you decide to do, you must to enjoy of one of the most beautiful towns in all of Tuscany!

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